Afinal descobri isto.

"Due to all discussion going on on the internet and offline i would like to clarify a few things. This is made as my graduation project in Advertising and Graphic design at Beckmans College of Design. I think it's possible to realise the project for ream, but due to my extremely limited budget (about 20 000 SEK = 3 370 USD) that was not possible. Therefore, i have realised the idea in a fictional way. So, to be clear:
- This is fictional work
- DHL did not transport the GPS at any time.
- DHL has kindly allowed me to film parts of their facilities and distribution.
- This is a personal graduation project.
Also, there has been some discussions if this is a copy of another project - theworlismycanvas.com. That is not the case. This project was already in progress when theworldismycanvas went live.
All the best,

Erik Nordenankar."

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