Uma grande anedota

- "I have one joke about God. I'd like to try it on you."
- "Go for it!"
 - "OK. So a guy commits suicide. And he goes to heaven, ok? And he gets to heaven. And God greets him there, and the guy said, «I'm so surprised I'm here. First of all, I thought there was no God. Second of all, I thought if you killed yourself, you know, you were damned forever.» God said, «You know, that's a complicated issue. Everybody at least thinks about ending it, you know, killing themselves at some point.» And God says, «Even I've thought of it.» The guy said, «Can I ask, why didn't you do it?» And God said, «What if this is all there is?»

No vídeo (que vale a pena ver na íntegra) a anedota começa ao minuto 5:10.