Happyness - by the green monster of the river

- What do you want to know - he asked her promptly.
- How to be happy - she repplied.
The green beast turned away, leaving his pointy, spiny back to her, as he gazed upon the horizon, with the river to one side of them, and the sun, grabbing the mountains with his strong fingers, in the other.
- Well, that's easy - he went on, opening his arms in a cross - keep it simple!
The girl laughed, as if she was expecting more.
- That's it - she said, in a cinic, almost obnoxious, way -, that's what you've got to say?
- Life should be sipped as a juice in a foreign and exotic country: if you like it, even if it's strange or weird or made with a sexual part of an animal, you drink the rest, if you don't, you continue and try other things, drink other juices... other sexual parts of animals mixed with fruits. You should never ask too much, go too deep, demand too much of others... and you should be kind to your knees, as the song says.
- What song?
- See - said the beast, irritaded - there you go with the questions. I´m thinking hapiness... not songs!
Surely stunned with the enfuriating tone in the monster's voice, the girl raised her eyebrows in content, as if she realized in the bluntness of his voice the truth. She was starting to see a fantastic value for the money she spent. Never before had a green monster such as that been more praised by her due to the words coming out of his mouth.
- Are you happy with the answer or do you want to know anything more?
She understood the words of the beast, everything made perfect sense, but she still had doubts about the practicability of what she heard. In her mind, she wondered on how that would reflect on love, on work... on everything.
- Well - insisted the monster, waiting for her reaction.
- But if...
The doubts in her head came out reticently in words, and she din't finished what she was saying, instead, she turned and said: "Ok. Bye!"
(The simplicity in wich she said those words, made the green monster smile)
And then she ran away.
She had learned her lesson.

In "histórias de felicidade dos monstros verdes", por João Freire

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ipsis verbis disse...

gosto dos diálogos e da história. mas há construções de frases que funcionam melhor, só em português.

"A little stunned, the girl raised her eyebrows in content."

(não sei como te explicar. mas esta frase, é das mais evidentes e mostra ou parece que fizeste o texto em português primeiro. ou seja, não o pensaste em inglês. am i wrong?)

johny disse...

Pfff!!! Não percebo o que dizes, nem vejo essa frase :)

Ok, já fiz algumas correcções... talvez a construção com 'little' seja um bocado portuguesa.

Mas não fiz em português primeiro.

Foi feito para treinar o inglês escrito... que nunca foi muito bom.

ipsis verbis disse...

Ahahahaha. Eu devia ter jantado primeiro. A fome faz-me ver mal. Também não vejo frase nenhuma... e sim, acho que era o "little stunned" que me estava a fazer cócegas. De resto, não tenho nada de mais grave a apontar.
Quanto às revistas de jogos para pc ou consolas, espero ter sempre vontade de as comprar. É sinal que trazem jogos fixes! :P